• Customised haircuts and colors. 

We care for hair’s shape and color by employing innovative techniques; a vertical coloring that reduces the effects of new hair growth, and creates new shades and movement while restoring the hair. The brush blends light and dark colors to create for each woman a unique style.

  • Hair care and restoration with Aveda products. 

I choose innovative products like Aveda’s, preferring natural formulas for the health of hair and the environment. I believe that beautiful hair are first and foremost healthy hair.

  • Make-up and bridal make-up. 

Each face deserves a customized makeup, particularly on a special day such as your wedding, when the makeup should be adequate to the occasion.

  • Manicure.

I believe that your hands are your calling card, and for this reason they deserve the right care and attention.

  • Holistic treatments. 

Together we can create the best-customized program to help each of our clients enjoy a pleasant moment of relaxation, to restore balance and energy levels.

  • Disposable products and materials

We ensure high standards of safety and hygiene, with due regard for the environment.

  • We speak english.