Something about me

past, present and future of an ongoing journey



I was looking for a place where I could express myself and I found it in Chieri, a city that welcomed me and allowed me to fulfill my vision.
Learning from great teachers, Anna Cravero and Aldo Coppola, has been very important for me; I owe a lot to them.
I chose to undertake a journey through the last 30 years: to make this simple craft into my profession, inspired by cosmopolitan glamor and with constant attention to the ever-changing modes.
My companions on this journey have been a consistent research of the latest trends and technologies, safety in the workplace and a special attention to hygiene.



The most important words, which I feel obliged to say are: thank you. Thanks to the customers who accompanied me over the years by consistently choosing my services and thanks to my coworkers. Thanks to those who will keep following me and to those who will choose me in the future.
It is not easy for a professional in this field to stand out. I choose to dedicate a special attention to my customers in order to provide them with a most pleasant experience.



I envision for myself a future of work and dedication; I have a dream of creating a hair spa. I like to dream…It makes me feel good. I truly hope that one day I will be able to accomplish such vision.
Taking care of you and your hair, improving their health and beauty, in a context which is relaxing and closer to nature. I am accomplished being at your side. I hope I will deserve your friendship, which I will always treasure and bring with me into my future projects.

See you Tomorrow!…